Traditional Czech toys

Vista has been providing joy to children and adults for more then 65 years by construction sets SEVA, BLOK, Monti System, Seko, Disko, Mosaic, magical table GRAFO and more.

Construction set SEVA – kids and adults can build cars, trains, airplanes, houses, boats, garages, tractors, cranes etc. SEVA kit is designed for girls and boys.
BLOK – mainly for the youngest ones is designed set BLOK. Comparing to SEVA is simpler and can be used to build a castle, zoo, farm …
Monti System – another great product of Vista is Monti System. Unique and original process of building of car model without any glue and paint, just by clicking parts together.
Mosaic – Any 2D picture or portrait can be built by inserting colored pieces into a square grid.
Legendary Magic table GRAFO celebrated 50th birthday in 2014. You can create unique and original pictures just by turning two knobs.

Vista’s portfolio is something for everyone.